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Outsourced Marketing and Admin Services Melbourne

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Hi Ingrid from FlexiResourcing talking with you about what outsourced marketing and admin services are available for small business in Melbourne.

Are you investigating what outsourced marketing and admin services there are and if its available for your small business and how much will it cost?

And do you have too much work for yourself and not enough work for another?

FlexiResourcing sits in the middle of that space as a small business support partner where we provide outsourced marketing and admin support in Melbourne and deliver business improvement projects using a flexible resourcing model (similar to but different from virtual assistant) in the area of business administration, marketing, sales and operational support. Let me explain.

Time saver.

Most small business owners are super time poor. They do a lot of stuff themselves and this leads to exhaustion. The business can take over family and other favourite activities and long term, the personal cost is enormous.

This really is a common problem and having worked in and for small business for more than 25 years I understand the causes and the needs.
Growing businesses need help. The decision to employ or not is a budget and timing one.

FlexiResourcing explained.

Employing a permanent staff member at the wrong time can, put an enormous strain on cash flow. And what if they are not a good fit for you and your business? You have to jump through significant legal hoops to move the staffer on.

These challenges and more are a big reason why small business owners just end up doing it themselves. The problem is, by doing so outcomes are compromised. Which slows business growth.

At last there is an affordable way to get the help you need. FlexiResourcing has Admin Centres with outsourced marketing and admin service providers in Melbourne ready to help. We offer a Pay by Task Marketing and Administration Support service which means you can get back to what you love – sooner.

Need a quote following up? Or help with another admin task? No Problem. Contact our admin centre and the task is done.

Our flexi-workers are happy to do just that one task. You can ‘bank’ the other tasks for another time.

Here is a simple list of marketing and admin tasks we can help you with. There is a lot more we can do as well.

Here’s is how it works. You buy as many tasks as you need according to your cash flow levels. You can buy 3, 6, 12 or 18 tasks at a time through our website.

I guarantee, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

The benefits of this model are enormous as it means you side step the risks associated with employing a permanent staff member but, you get the help you need in an affordable way.

You see we have a passion to help your business grow.

When we come into a business, we make it more money and save it money.

This is why we call ourselves “Small Business Support Partners.”

If this has peaked your interest, get in touch and let’s chat.

I invite you to book a 15 minute obligation free discovery call to find out if what we do is a good fit for you.

So reach out either by phone or email and lets have a conversation about your business.

I’m Ingrid and thanks for listening.

Book a 15 minute obligation free discovery call.


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